Cougar Surpassion Gaming Mouse Includes Embedded LCD Screen

We’ve covered a few gaming mice from Cougar, including the Cougar 300M and Cougar 550M back in 2016. Both of them offered a solid, inexpensive, and comfortable design for gaming. And that looks set to continue with Cougar’s latest rodent, the Surpassion gaming mouse.

As Tom’s Hardware reports, the Cougar Surpassion costs just $50, but can be picked up for $40 before Jan. 14 due to a special promotion. Regardless of which price you end up paying, the Surpassion certainly delivers on the features front.

Cougar wanted to offer a gaming mouse that didn’t require a software installation to setup and fine tune the experience, so they replaced that with an LCD screen built into the bottom of the mouse. Dedicated buttons either side of the screen allow for feature adjustments including DPI, Lift-Off Distance, Angle Snapping, and Polling Rate.

The DPI is fully customizable with fine tuning at 50 DPI intervals as well as preset modes including 400, 800, 160, 3200, 5600, and 7200 DPI. Once you’re happy through fine-tuning, the Surpassion will remember your custom setting in its on-board memory. The Polling Rate can also be adjusted, with the available settings including 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz. Angle Snapping can be turned on or off, allowing you to disable it for better in-game aiming. And then there’s Lift-Off Distance, which can be switched between High and Low settings to define the height the sensor stops tracking once the mouse is off the pad. This is useful for re-centering a mouse on a large mouse pad without the movement being tracked.

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