Join the Apple ‘iPhone Upgrade Program’ and you’ll receive a brand new iPhone every 12 months

Did you know that Apple has an iPhone Upgrade Program?

Well, they do, and if you’re the type of person who always wants to have the latest model this plan could well be for you.

Once you’re enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program you’ll make a monthly installment payment every month for a year and then you’ll receive a brand new iPhone after you’ve made the last payment.

Remain in the program and keep making the payments and you’ll receive a new phone each and every year!

The monthly payments begin at approximately $37 and go up from there depending on how much storage you want your new iPhone to have. That means you’ll never again own a phone that’s more than a year old!

There are a couple of bonuses thrown in with this plan as well: 

1 – Your phone will be covered by AppleCare+ at no additional charge. That’s a pretty nice perk in itself.

2 – The phones sold under these agreements are unlocked. That means you can take your new phone to any carrier and have it activated on the spot.

With the cell carriers moving away from subsidizing their customers’ phone purchases, Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program will make it easy to always have an iPhone that’s no more than a year old without having to pay hundreds of dollars up front.

To summarize, the advantages of participating in the iPhone Upgrade Program are a follows:

  • You’ll receive a brand new iPhone every 12 months.
  • Your iPhone will always be covered by AppleCare+ at no additional cost.
  • You’ll be able to use your iPhone with any carrier because it will be “unlocked”.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages, there’s one obvious disadvantage that I need to mention as well: You’ll be making these installment payments forever unless you decide to drop out of the program at some point.


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