Would you buy a laptop with built-in LTE?


Tablets have featured cellular connectivity for a while now, and as a result they make a great accessory to those who might need to bring a laptop with them, but also don’t have easy access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Being able to easily connect to your tablet, which can power through a longer connected session thanks to its bigger battery than what a smartphone can handle, is a pretty great feature, and one that’s had to evolve and get better over the years.

This is one of the reason why I carry a tablet with me. A cut-and-dry situation of “just in case.” There are times when I need to type something up rather quickly, and if I happen to be in line waiting to pick up the kids at school, or just otherwise unable to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection, the tablet has saved the day on more than one occasion.

Of course, a phone can do this just as well, but if you don’t want to eat up the battery life, the tablet is a solid alternative. Still, one way that could make it easier is to have a cellular connection available right from the laptop.

Apparently this is something Microsoft wants to make happen, even by selling cellular plans through its Windows Store. The company would make it possible with Windows-based tablets and PCs by including non-removable, programmable SIM cards and data radios in those machines.

The Surface Pro series, for instance, doesn’t feature any type of LTE-connectivity, but it’s hard to deny that the already impressive lineup could get a boost with that type of functionality. (And it may happen with the next generation device!)

But just a standard laptop could benefit from this, too, and I like where Microsoft’s head is at. Finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection isn’t always an option, and while tethering is getting easier, it’s not always the best solution, either. Implanting a data radio and a SIM card inside the laptop, though, could make it easier than ever before.

There is always the possibility that the inclusion of a cellular connection would jack up the price, though, and that could be a deal breaker for some potential customers. The sooner the functionality arrives, though, the sooner it can start to get a price reduction down the line.

How do you feel about the idea? Would you be on board with the possibility of laptops getting a built-in cellular connection? Let me know!


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