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Internal Links: Avoid These Mistakes to Improve the Ranking of Your Website

SEO is all about understanding your website, your branding as well as your audience. SEO is the sum of everything that you are doing, from blog post to link building etc. But before coming up to the SEO concepts, it is important to understand the website and the factors which affect the ranking of a website.

Along with the other factors, the internal linking is also an important factor which helps in getting better ranking. Internal linking is not the most exciting part of SEO, but it is one of its essential parts. If you do it wrong then, you will have to face a lot of problems in your SEO, and it even affects your rankings.

Both the Internal and External Links are important measures for optimizing the ranking of a website on Google and other search engines.

Why is internal linking important?

An internal link is a link between two subpages of a website. The internal link enables users to navigate a website and also important in regards to the search engine. It helps SEO to drive traffic to other pages of a website.

Now let’s discuss the common mistakes you need to avoid for getting better ranking:  

Mistake #1: Linking to Irrelevant pages

The context of your original pages to the page that you are linking to is of utmost importance because search engines can identify if they are related.  Right internal linking improves the site architecture as well as to spread the link juice. It is important for both search engine and user. Do not link any two pages with each other if the pages are not relevant and related to each other.

Mistake #2: Wrong Anchor Text

An anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text should be relevant to your page because those texts should give the user an idea of where the link is leading to. At best, you can use relevant keywords in the anchor text, because they offer to google a clue what the page is all about.

Mistake #3: Location of the link:

Where you use the link and context also matters a lot. Putting your link in the footer can cause you some problems. Use the link in the web page body or on the right-left in the web page. This will give value to the link and helps in improving link structure. 

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Mistake #4: Types of Link

Most of the webmasters ignore this point and even most of us don’t know what kind of link we need to use. It is better to use the HTML link format instead of using JavaScript. Google can still understand the JavaScript link format, but it does not have the same authority as the HTML link format. Also, if you are using image links, always remember that the alt attribute of the image is its anchor text.

These are some common mistakes you need to avoid to get better ranking on search engine result page.

Here are few advantages of good internal linking:

  1. It improves the usability through anchor text
  2. Helps in spread the link juice
  3. Boost page views
  4. Improves page rank
  5. Increase dwell time
  6. Better crawling and indexing

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