Alpine 4 Holdings subsidiary, Vayu Aerospace Corporation, announces its latest class of infiltration and anti airspace drones

Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc., a leading operator and owner of small market businesses, subsidiary Vayu Aerospace Corporation, announces its newest drones, referred to as the “Bully Class”.  This class of drones is in response to increased requests from Federal and Local law enforcement agencies as well as inquiries from varying branches of the military.  Two aircraft are being developed; the first is named, “The Knuckle-Buster,” and it’s in the beginning stages of production. The second drone has been named “The Pugilist.” These two smaller drones are suitable for a multitude of environments, with “infiltration” and “anti-airspace” use cases initially in mind.

“The Knuckle-Buster is a compact, “stacked” quad-copter constructed from 18-layer carbon-fiber that we produce in house. The carbon fiber makes it very light and durable,” says Nathan Grier, Vayu’s Lead Operator and designer of the Knuckle-Buster. “it’s very capable and will be adaptable to carry a microphone and camera. It will also be able to carry and release Class- C flash bang or other non-lethal deterrent devices. Autonomous capabilities are in the works as well allowing for uses in many scenarios with law enforcement and military applications.”

TK Eppley, President of Vayu Aerospace Corporation, had this to say: “At Vayu Aerospace, we’re committed to redefining the art of the possible through the manufacturing and designing of our American Made drones.   We are excited to have been asked to rethink small drones for law enforcement and military use cases. The “Bully Class” drones will be offered at a lower price point which allows for greater procurement opportunities without going through a bid process. Pricing will range from $3000$3500. These drones will be produced in-house with sister company, Quality Circuit Assembly (QCA). Working with QCA has allowed for our team to make changes quickly and more efficiently, reducing turnaround times from months to weeks, giving us our competitive advantage. This has been critical in navigating supply-chain constraints. Our team of amazing engineers are eager to dive into this new project.”

Kent Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4, had this to say: “Building upon what TK has stated, we are immensely proud of our development team at Alpine 4 corporate and Vayu in leading this unique class of drones.  The Bully Class of drones are meant to be supplied in a higher volume, lower price point and will fit nicely into the current G1 and US-1 offering, providing a full spectrum of commercial drones. Additionally, I am pleased to state again that with the collaboration of QCA, our AVA1 avionics platform has now been fully integrated into the G1 platform.”

Vayu Aerospace Corporation currently resides in the A4 Aerospace Portfolio and is considered a Driver from the company’s DSF business model.

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