The Best Privacy Screens for Your Monitor

nurse using a computer with a privacy screen

It’s important to keep data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, personal pictures and messages, and other information private. Unfortunately, there are some quite observant people looking to snag this information. Mobile device users can stick their devices in their pockets when they notice any intrusive eyes. A bulky monitor, however—not so much. Monitor privacy screens attach to your display and tint your screen, so your nosy coworkers and family won’t see the contents of your screen outside the viewing angle.

What To Look for in a Privacy Screen

You should consider the size of the privacy screen, and make sure that its dimensions fit your monitor. You should ensure that your privacy screen does not sacrifice the clarity of the screen. A good privacy screen will still produce a clear image when directly facing your screen. Many times, privacy screens will come with added features, like anti-glare and blue light filtering. These privacy screens will benefit your eyesight as well.

Best Overall: 3M Privacy Filter

two black computer monitors, one with a privacy screen

This privacy screen from 3M is an effective choice for you. It comes with a 60 degree viewing angle, where viewers outside of this angle won’t be able to see the screen. Both sides of this screen can be used; one side is glossy while the other reduces glare. This screen also reduces 35% of your screen’s blue light emission, making this screen great for your eyes, but not for others. This screen can be easily installed and washed.

Best Budget: Akamai Computer Privacy Screen

person placing a black privacy screen over a computer monitor

This privacy screen from Akamai is a great low-cost option that’ll keep your information private. Akamai has both standard and widescreen privacy screens for versatile use. This privacy screen also comes with anti-glare and reduces blue-light up to 70%. It’s also compatible with touchscreen displays.

Best Premium: SightPro Computer Privacy Screen Filter

black privacy screen over a computer monitor beside its box

If you’re looking for a high-end privacy screen, this privacy screen from SightPro is the best for you. It’s a multi-layered screen with anti-glare, UV light, and blue light protection. This frame can be installed with two different methods, each for different types of monitor screens. With this privacy screen, your monitor cannot be seen outside its 60-degree angle. But in the viewing angle, it produces a clear image.

Also Consider: Privox Computer Privacy Screen Filter

person touching a computer monitor through a black privacy screen

This privacy screen from Privox is a great choice for any monitor. It comes in a variety of different sizes to meet your needs. Its screen is fairly transparent and blocks those who view your screen up to a 30-degree angle. This screen is glossy on one side, and anti-glare on the other side. It’s also touchscreen compatible.

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