Anker’s New Monitor Stand Doubles as an All-In-One Docking Station

Someone using the Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station at their desktop. Several devices and peripherals are plugged into the docking station.

The average USB docking station is just an ugly gray box. So, for those who want something a bit more flashy, Anker is launching the 675 12-in-1 USB Docking Station, which doubles as a monitor stand. It’s an impressive-looking product, and it offers plenty of ports for all of your peripherals.

If you enjoy using a laptop with your computer monitor, this docking station is certainly worth checking out. It connects to your computer via USB-C cable (with 100-watt passthrough charging) and includes a bevy of connectivity options—a 4K HDMI port, three USB-A ports, a pair of USB-C ports, SD and microSD card slots, an Ethernet jack, and a headphone jack.

The majority of these ports are located on the side of the docking station. But the Ethernet, USB-C upstream, and HDMI ports are tucked underneath the riser, along with one of the USB ports (which you might use for a keyboard or hard drive). Interestingly, Anker included cable routing on the bottom of this docking station to keep all of your “permanent” cables from getting messy.

And if that’s not enough for you, the top of the monitor stand features a Qi wireless charger. I promise you that this idea makes sense—I have a wireless charging sitting on my wooden monitor stand, and I regularly use it to charge my phone or earbuds.

Obviously, Anker touts this as an ergonomic desktop solution. But I’m more interested in this docking station’s all-in-one design, which could save you a lot of space at your desk. It seems like a fantastic option for laptop owners who want a desktop computing experience.

The Anker 75 12-in-1 USB Docking Station goes on sale February 1st. It costs $250, which is somewhat disappointing, considering the lack of Thunderbolt support. That said, there are very few people who genuinely need a Thunderbolt docking station.

Source: Anker

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